Are there benefits of drinking alcohol? 

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 23:03 -- Jamie

Are there benefits of drinking alcohol? 


The main one, is they make everyone more interesting and better looking when you consume it (you have all told me the stories), so unless you're an alcoholic - then I recommend it to everyone.

(just kidding)

Alcohol in itself doesn't make you gain fat, over consumption of calories does. Remember this!

Beer, wine, Cider and drinks mixed with sugary soft drinks have more calories - this is due to hops in beer, apples in cider and fruit in the wine etc.

Alcohol has a caloric value of 7kcal per Gram. Which is nearly double what you get from carbs and protein. 

When you drink alcohol - its the body's preferred source of fuel, so you can't utilise or "burn fat" when you drink, until you've metabolised all the alcohol, which sucks!

The other thing alcohol does, is reduces inhibitions, ie makes you not care about what you eat or who you hop on the good foot and do the bad thing with. 

So you could be eating a greasy kebab before you know it.... and you might not even know her name.

Think eating a doner kebab after coming out of roses and waiting in the king cabs line can end up being 1400kcals and that doesn’t include the full fat coke and all that garlic mayo and sides you order!

You're talking a years worth of food and a lifetime of regret.

Can you drink and get in shape?

Well - I can tell you, you absolutely can.

Half my clients drink regular and still are in great shape. 

Now, I have to say, I can't advocate drinking and I don’t personally do it regularly, but whatever it happens.

Here's how you can do it whilst still losing fat.

Remain in a calorie deficit 

Drink clear spirits and sugar free mixers, for example a Vodka Diet Ginger beer (one of my go to's) is approx 70-90kcals depending on how big your measure is.

A pint of lager is somewhere between 180-320kcal depending on whether you like toilet water lager or tramp juice *opposite ends of the spectrum* - I like somewhere in between. 

Also for you cocktail lovers they are just... 

Well... absolutely loaded with calories and bad life choices to follow. 

A pinacolada how ever you spell that cocktail has anywhere between 400-600 calories per one and the problem is them bad boys taste so good you have to have more than one (even more if it’s happy hour). 

So if you drink 5 pints of Heineken for example - 250kcals x 5 = 1250kcals A LOT! And I know some of you can drink double that in a night out with your steins in the suburbs. 

10 strong vodka and diet gingers = 900kcals.

Again not advocating anything here.

On the day you drink, focus on protein intake.

Massively reduce cals from fat to accommodate.

Be sensible and commit to not eating a bucket of junk.

Have your food prepped for the next day (Pizza eaters) and make sure you get hydrated and moving as quick as possible. Anyone who knows me well knows when I drink I don’t get out of bed the next day so my step count is really low! But I try and get as many steps in the day before and I also can’t eat anything either so my calorie intake the next day is usually low. 

Most of all enjoy yourself and your beer goggles.